Photos: Joi Hollie From Real World Portland Posed for Playboy

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The Real World Portland premieres tonight with an interesting cast of characters.

One of the stand out cast members that has everyone wondering who she is, is Joi Hollie. Why does everyone care? She posed for Playboy. The 5 foot 9, Asian woman says her height helped her in high school, where she excelled in basketball, volleyball, and softball.

Her tattoos and nipple piercings reflect on the outside Joi’s edgy interior. While attending the University of Washington, Joi rebelled against her conservative Korean mother and white military father by posing nude in Playboy. Though both of her parents came around eventually, Joi still isn’t entirely open with her mom about the details of her sex life, but has a newfound open and honest relationship with her father. She recently graduated with a degree in Communications. Joi dates all types of men, but has a strong preference for black athletes. Can she reconcile her rebellious nature with her desire to please her parents?

We will be recapping The Real World Portland live so be sure to click here to find out what happens tonight.

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