Smash Recap 03/05/13 Season 2, Episode 5 “The Read-Through”

By on March 6, 2013
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Tom and Derek are in the Belasco tonight on Smash, checking out the space where Bombshell might premiere on Broadway. Tom imagines the new Act Two opener, “Public Relations” being staged. (Christian Borle really commits to all the ‘parts’ he plays in the ensemble in this number and Borle has incredible on stage timing as well, hence his Tony for Peter and the Starcatcher.)

Hottie Dramaturg and Julia come in and Tom wonders if they left the Act Two opener in. Tom points out their use of the term “we” in order to refer to their working relationship. Tom is work relationship jealous! It took me way too long to understand that over these past few episodes.

Julia starts to doubt herself–uh oh, because Tom planted the seed. Don’t mess up my favorite relationship, show!–and Hottie Dramaturg tells her to trust her instincts.

Karen and her roommate (Krysta Rodriguez) are hitting the gym. Pretty hard from the looks of it. Karen is bemoaning the fact that she hasn’t heard from Jimmy since their kiss/since he became a sought after songwriter since Veronica Moore performed one of his songs at her concert that aired on Bravo. (Apparently the latter has not quite made him the star that last week’s episode made him out to be.)

Ivy is at rehearsals for her new show, Liasions. The lead male role is to be played by a Hollywood big shot actor, who hasn’t even bothered to show up to rehearsals yet. Said big shot actor is played by Sean Hayes. (P.S. spotted Broadway’s Kathy Fitzgerald as one of the ensemble members in Liasions. Two 9 to 5 alum in one scene–Wikipedia is your friend, readers.)

Tom and Julia are discussing the new book during a stroll through Times Square, before Tom spots playwright Jon Robin Baitz heading their direction, and runs away. (An aside: I love Jon Robin Baitz. Everyone go read Other Desert Cities now. A truly well-written work.) He warns Julia about Hottie Dramaturg, saying a friend of his was working with him, and he wrote a whole new draft of her play and sabotaged her.

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