Tina Fey: “SNL Should Stop When Lorne Michaels Leaves’

By on March 15, 2013

Saturday Night Live alum, Tina Fey, thinks that when Saturday Night Live creator, Lorne Michael leaves, the show itself should also say farewell and end.

In an recent interview with the Huffington Post, Fey was asked if she would ever consider taking over for the legendary Michaels when he finally decides to call it quits:

“Oh, SNL? I mean, I feel like SNL is so defined by Lorne’s taste and his sensibility. That’s why any time people have tried to imitate the format and make their own version of it, you’ll notice it never really quite happens.”

Fey continues and adds her thoughts on what should happen when Michaels departs:

“He is the center of the show…when he wants to stop, it should just stop.”

Michaels did once leave the show in 1980, and of course, the show did not do well at all and it only became watchable again when Michaels returned in 1985. Although, while SNL does not have the big laughs as it once did, most recently when Will Ferrell was a part of the cast, it does still have it’s moments. If the right person is chosen to replaced Michaels after he leaves, there is no reason as to why the show should end.

What do you think of Fey’s comments? Should Michaels just take the show with him into the sun when he leaves?

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