Video: American Idol 2013 Devin Velez Sings “Temporary Home” Top 10 Finalists 2013

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Devin Velez performed the song, “Temporary Home ” by Carrie Underwood on the first night of performances for American Idol’s Top 10 finalists.
Judges’ Comments: Keith tells Devin that it “wasn’t his best” performance and that it may have just boiled down to “poor song choice.” Nicki, meanwhile, says that she disagrees with “every single thing” that Keith said, and feels the complete opposite. She tells Devin that he loved the song choice and his performance, and she wouldn’t have changed a thing. Randy directs his critiques to everyone, saying that they’re 3 people in and it’s been “way too safe” and that people need to “go for broke.” Mimi jumps in saying that she thinks the “problem” is that Devin “can do way too much” and the expectations they have for him are just too high. Uhm – he’s one of the top 10 contestants on American Idol … the expectations are supposed to be high!

American Idol 2013 Recap 3/13/13 – Top 10 Perform

Watch Devin Velez’s performance video on page 2!!

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