Video: Jon Bon Jovi Talks Daughter’s Heroin Overdose with Katie Couric

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Jon Bon Jovi sat down with Katie Couric on her talk show, Katie, on Friday, and he opened up about his daughter Stephanie Bongiovi heroin overdose at college last fall.

Stephanie, 19, was hospitalized after overdosing  at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York in November.

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Jon told Katie it was “the worst phone call ever”.

The rocker assured Couric and the studio audience that Stephanie is now “doing great,” but admitted that the incident served to alert him to a widespread recreational drug culture he didn’t know existed.

“That problem is much more prevalent than I knew,” he told Couric, explaining, “I cannot get over how many people I have met” who shared similar stories about their own children.

Watch Jon’s interview with Katie on page 2!!

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