Video: The Voice 2013 Cathia “No Me Doy por Vencido”

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Cathia’s “No Me Doy por Vencido” is a no-brainer for Shakira, during the second night of blind auditions on The Voice 2013.

Cathia: she sings a song in Spanish which she points out is a blessing and a curse. She is amazing so chairs better start turning. Usher is first followed by Shakira as Blake asks what she is saying. That’s the curse…or is it because he pushes his button too. She really loves Usher and gets starstruck by the coaches.

Shakira: phenomenal and can sing in any language and really wants her on her team; Adam: didn’t turn his chair around because he is an idiot; Blake: didn’t understand one word but loved it all and does not want her to end up on a newbie team; Usher: he wants to dive in to the Latin market and Shakira calls him out as being flirtatious with her. She also says that Gloria Estefan was her mentor so Shakira wants to be that for Cathia. TEAM SHAKIRA.

Check out Cathia’s performance on page 2!!

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