Video: The Voice 2013 Sarah Simmons Sings ‘One of Us’

By on March 26, 2013
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The talent on the fourth season of The Voice is insane and the judges are fighting to get the best of the best.

"Sarah Simmons"

One of the contestants that had all of the judges turning their chairs around was:

Sarah Simmons: she’s a music student and the president of her college let her leave school to go audition. Her family is into music and it has been a release for her during hard times, especially her parent’s divorce and dad’s addictions. She performs “One of Us” by Joan Osborne. 

Adam and Shakira push their buttons in unison followed by Usher and Blake and it is so great that her dad gets to watch this. Adam: incredible and 150% could win this show and I agree and he says that he only fights for the one that he is dying to path and she is that; Blake: thinks that she is in the top 3 singers he has ever heard in the show’s history; Shakira: she has different intense elements in her voice and that is what the radio needs; Usher: she was shocking and sang with such conviction and passion. Now they all say that they are from Tennessee like her and I love it! TEAM ADAM.

We have Sarah’s amazing performance on page 2.

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