Who is Lazaro Arbos – American Idol 2013 Top 10

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American Idol 2013 has found the Top 10 finalists for season 12. After searching all across the United States, the people have voted on who they would like to watch battle it out for the American Idol.

"Lazaro Arbos - American Idol Top 10"

Bio: Lazaro Arbos
Age: 21 years old
Home: Naples, FL
Audition: Chicago

Lazaro is an ice cream scooper from Florida. He developed a strong stutter six while growing up in Cuba, and the stutter only got worse after his family moved to the U.S. However, singing has provided him with a well needed outlet, as he doesn’t stutter when he sings.

Lazaro auditioned with “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and Keith Urban told him it was so impressive that Lazaro should “sing all the time.” Lazaro has made it to the Top 10 with performances like Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” and Keith Urban’s “Tonight I Wanna Cry.”

We have a video of Lazaro on page 2.

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  1. carol says:

    Is he a american now???

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