Photos: Who Was Slimed at Kids Choice Awards 2013?

By on March 24, 2013
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Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards was held last night (March 23rd) in Los Angeles. The show started off with the host Josh Duhamel being slimed and continued the disgusting green, gooey tradition of sliming throughout the evening. While most of the celebrities appeared to be good sports – some were better sports than others.

Pittbull slimed at KCA's

Is that Pitbull who was slimed at the KCA’s?

Duhamel slipped in the first minute of the show from the slime, but made it appear like he did it on purpose. Sandra Bullock was less than thrilled with her sliming – saying she couldn’t read the winner of the blimp because she couldn’t see from the slime. While Pitbull was slimed after his performance with Christina Aguilera and seemed to take it like a champ.

Even if the celebrities weren’t “officially” slimed, no one was spared from the green gook. When they walked down to accept their awards, the kids in the audience touched them and slimed them anyway.

It looks like a good time was had by all – but really – can’t they come up with something fun that isn’t so disgusting?

We have a video and photos of the sliming on page 2.

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