Grey’s Anatomy Recap 4/4/13- She’s Killing Me

By on April 4, 2013
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When Ethan finds out that he hs to leave the hospital ad his parents he is not happy at all, like panic attack. Meredith tells Cristina that she wants lethal injection if she develops Alzheimer’s disease. She does not want her kids to suffer like she did at all and Cristina agrees. April goes to break the news to Matthew that she has already lost her virginity though she wanted to wait for marriage. He is just upset that she lied because honesty means more to him.

Bailey goes to see Owen and tells him that there is a third patient with an infection and now they must call everyone operated on that day. Owen says that it will be a nightmare while Murphy thinks that she is going to get fired. Meredith tells Cristina that they may be losing Murphy and she wants to know if she liked her or not. She did apparently so she’s kind of bummed but she is also sad on the whole issue of Owen being Chief and not being happy anymore.

Owen decides that Ethan is not going to go anywhere and Karev makes up some medical diagnosis but that does not seem to fly with Arizona. Derek has his G-nome done for the sake of Meredith to let her know that physically, he is not perfect either. April discovers that Matthew is getting ready to leave the hospital and his mom will not be introduced to her. Very sad. Time for some bonding with Avery and Webber and Ethan does get admitted to the hospital.

He starts to ask Owen questions about his parents and he tells him that his father may not wake up and that is very sad. Cristina sees him with Ethan and realizes that he needs to be with kids. April hands over a bunch of medical equipment to the Syrian doctors as one of Bailey’s patients passes away. In the end, while all the doctors are deciding what to do and how to release a statement, Meredith and Murphy storm in to the room. They have proof that maybe Murphy assisted with two of the patients but the third was untouched. Therefore all of the patients were worked on by Bailey who is told to sit down.

What is going to happen with her? And how will the hospital deal with all of this? Come back next week to find out!!

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