The Voice 2013 Recap 4/1/2013 Season 4- Blind Auditions- Week 2, Night 3

By on April 1, 2013
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Last week, Adam said that he wanted someone so bad that he would light himself on fire. Let’s hope he chooses his words more carefully but just as colorfully whereas Blake says that this is the most talented season ever.

    • The Swon Brothers: grew up playing in gospel/Church groups and have their own way of bickering in a cute way. They want to go to Nashville so I would believe that they would pick Blake if given the opportunity. “American Girl” is their song of choice and from the start, I would buy their CD! Shakira and Blake both push their buttons followed by Usher. This could be Adam’s biggest loss in my opinion as they put on a “Swoncert.” Blake: impressed by their combo and the way that they are already a package deal and will be “Swinners”; Usher: says he can help them get to Disney World and beyond; Shakira: loved their voices and the raspiness, wants to give them a fresh perspective. They choose TEAM BLAKE. Who thinks that they should team up with the Morgan Twins? – Watch the video
    • Taylor Beckham: 17 from Texas and was training to be an Olympic gymnast but realized after six years that it was not her dream. She knows she is young but wouldn’t be there unless she was ready. She performs “I’m Going Down” and equates this moment to her Olympics. Usher turns his chair followed by Shakira. Blake: knew that she was a baby and is ready for the newbie battle; Usher: could tell she was nervous but felt the passion and the dedication; Shakira: shocked that she used to be a gymnast but thought that she delivered a beautiful performance. Adam just wants to see people putting their legs over their heads and is shocked that he saw Usher smile and relax. Blake laughs because Adam is not helping Shakira at all but she can sell herself because she is way better than Christina ever was. TEAM USHER, mainly because she is a huge R & B fan and says it would be an honor to work with him. – Watch Video
    • Sam Alves: at 2 days old, he was dropped off by his biological family on someone’s doorsteps. The people took him in and embraced him; at 4, they moved from Brazil to the US and he wants to make sure that his mom has the best life ever. He performs “Feeling Good” and I am already inspired just by his story and his strength. This boy has talent so start pushing some buttons; nobody does and I am really shocked by that. Shakira speaks to him in Portuguese, Adam gets turned on then tells Sam that he has a really great voice, just needs some work. She goes and gives him a hug and a kiss and I believe he will make it somewhere.
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