Nashville Recap 5/1/13 Season 1 “Take These Chains From My Heart”

By on May 2, 2013
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Nashville 5

In tonight’s all new episode of Nashville, we are winding down on the Cincinnati leg of the Juliette Barnes / Rayna James tour but things are just getting started.  We FINALLY got a little bit of satisfaction in the on-going, star crossed lovers story line between Rayna and Deacon.  There’s also a few scandalous break-ups and unexpected twists.  Here we go!

We find Juliette ready to jump in the shower with her former family therapist turned manager, Dante.  It’s getting steamy and they’re talking about going house hunting together.  There’s something a bit “off” about Dante, but we can’t quite put our finger on it.  He’s arrogant, but it’s something more than that.  While searching for homes online during rehearsal, Deacon confronts Juliette about getting back to work – the band needs to learn all of her new songs after all.  Juliette can’t seem to stay away from Dante, who starts ordering Deacon around. When Juliette doesn’t stop this display of testosterone, Deacon announces he’s DONE as the head of Juliette’s band. He’ll finish out this leg of the tour, but after that, he’s going his own way.  Good for Deacon!  More time with his beautiful vet girlfriend, Stacy.

Gunnar is hanging out with Scarlett on their front lawn when neighbor Will comes along flashing his brand new motorcycle. Will’s got a new gig and takes Gunnar away from Scarlett to come join him there.  Will performs and then gives Gunnar advice on how to seduce his female audience. Later that night, we see Avery wandering around a bar called Tootsie’s that has live music and whaddya know? Gunnar is performing live on stage with Will as his back up singer on guitar.  The girls are going wild.  The lyrics of Gunnar’s song were from his late brother’s journal. 

Post performance, things are starting to happen immediately for Gunnar.  Women are handing him phone numbers.  Mysterious music producers are asking for his demo.  Even Avery congratulates him on the great song.

Meanwhile, Scarlett is having dinner with Uncle Deacon and Stacy the vet.  Scarlett asks Deacon if he “can keep (the vet) because (Deacon’s) happy and (the vet’s) lovely.”  Deacon asks if everything is alright between Scarlett and Gunnar.  Scarlett admits that things have been a little off since she auditioned for Rayna’s label by herself, but they’re working things out.  Deacon encourages Scarlett to speak her mind to Rayna.

Scarlett pitches Gunnar to Rayna who agrees to give him another shot.  Pig-headed Gunnar is annoyed that Scarlett did him this favor and says he wants to try things on his own for a while. Why he wouldn’t want the shot at being signed by a major super star and with his girlfriend is unfathomable, but Gunnar never seems to make good decisions.

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