Photo: Justin Bieber and Chris Brown New Best Friends?

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Justin Bieber posted an Instagram picture of he and Chris Brown posing together.  This is an interesting friendship – one that will not benefit Justin in any way.   The two have something in common as Justin was booed at the  Billboard Music Awards and Chris Brown is pretty much booed where ever he goes.


Bieber posted the pic of him with Brown and added the caption: “Look-who-it-is. CB what’s up.” In the picture, Brown has his arm around Bieber as Bieber points at Brown. Aww, how cute.

Bieber, who recently got booed at the Billboard Music awards, is simply giving people yet another reason to rag and dislike him. When you pose and look elated to be hanging out with one of the most unlikable people in the music business,  you can’t blame people for having a bad taste in their mouths and for thinking that you’re a total gimmick.

Also,when Bieber isn’t giving us another reason to throw up, he is tweeting things like:

“gonna take some time” (to do what? Use your imaginations, Beliebers). And on Tuesday, he wrote simply, “focused #musicjournals”

Sounds like Bieber may be working on another album, perhaps to satisfied his rabid fan-base and to anger his rapid army of people who dislike him.

What do you think of the picture Bieber posted of him with Brown?

6 Responses to Photo: Justin Bieber and Chris Brown New Best Friends?

  1. MEZGEBEMAMO says:


  2. Napatye says:

    you cant blame any one of them for being themselves. u cant keep hating on chris for the rest of ur life. Bieber is just growing up and its just that he is famous that u see wat he does in the magazines but u guys do it too your just not famous. …. they are both great musicians. .. love ehm

  3. Aaron Acord says:

    Deep down, these guys are good guys. Together, they’re unstoppable. I hope they become close friends, I really do.

  4. Roberta says:

    Ugh, these two….they make me sick…

  5. Allie says:

    One good decision after another.

  6. just what beibs needs to add to his sterling resume – violence to women

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