Baby Daddy Recap 06/26/2013- “Ben’s Big Gay-Care Adventure”

By on June 26, 2013
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On tonight’s episode of “Daddy Baby”, Bonnie’s decided to go back to beauty school-leaving Ben without a baby sister. Ill prepared and clueless to just how hard it can be to get your kid into one, he and Tucker head down to the nearest daycare center to see about dropping baby Emma off.

Of course when they get there, the day care is full and will be- for the next 3 MONTHS. Neither Emma’s cute little baby face nor Ben’s oozing charm can change that. The only thing that can- A bi-racial gay couple raising a baby together!

And thus we have the making of Ben’s latest antics. Ben leads the “baby-lady” to believe that he and Tucker are “just a couple of dudes raising a baby together” and wham-bam- thank you ma’am, Emma’s in!

Ben’s new orientation is not without its perks, of course. For one thing, Ben gets to see the “baby-lady’s” pretty bra because “of course he doesn’t care”. And, when he feigns relationship troubles, guess who’s there to talk him through it? Yes, that’s right. The “baby-lady”.

The kicker is Tucker as no idea of him and Ben’s new relationship status which causes a problem when he goes to pick-up Emma. So the cat gets let out of the barrel and baby Emma gets the boot.

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