Baby Daddy Recap 6/5/13- Season Two “There’s Something Fitchy Going On”

By on June 5, 2013


Episode 2 of Baby Daddy begins with a jealous Ben watching as Riley and her new beau, Fitch, play with Emma. Ben is insistent that Fitch isn’t who he says he really is and wants to prove it to Riley. The first chance he gets is when a bar patron tells him that Fitch is actually a bartender at another place when everyone thinks he is a doctor. When Ben tells this to Riley, she sarcastically lets him know that Fitch has been tending bar there on and off since grad school because he uses the money in his overseas charities.

Ben is left with egg on his face.

Meanwhile back at Danny and Ben’s, Danny is enjoying some alone time with his new girlfriend when Bonnie barges in. She takes a picture of the two lovebirds with Danny’s phone and accidentally dials Riley number. While Danny is pouring his heart out about his feelings for Riley, his phone is recording the whole thing to her voice mail. Right after Bonnie accidentally sends the message she is trying to erase, Riley walks in with Emma. Bonnie and Danny try to take her phone to erase the message but never get the chance to.

Out in the hall, Ben finds out a dirty little secret about Fitch. When Riley goes into the house, Fitch takes a wedding band out of his pocket and slips it on his finger. Ben finds out that Fitch is actually married and that he was right!

Ben runs in to tell Riley but she doesn’t want to hear anything that he has to say. Fitch has planned a special night and Riley is looking forward to her “special evening”. She storms out, leaving Ben speechless and taking her phone and the Danny’s message with her!

Ben decides he needs to be a good friend and stop Riley from sleeping with married man because in the end she will get hurt. He rushes down to the restaurant where Riley and Fitch are having their dinner date leaving baby Emma with Danny’s girlfriend.

When Danny gets to the restaurant he has one of the waiters call Fitch away just as Fitch was about to tell Riley something very important. Riley is angry that Ben has shown up to ruin her evening and furious when Bonnie and Danny who show up as well. The whole gang ends up interrupting Riley’s date when Tucker brings his new boss down to the restaurant to meet Fitch with the hopes that Fitch will use him as the face of his new charity and earn Tucker a promotion.

Ben calls a “family meeting” in the back of the restaurant and tells Riley everything. At first she doesn’t believe him but confronts Fitch about it anyway. Fitch confesses that he is married but that he wife was involved in a freak accident involving an elephant and is dead. He explains that he feels guilty taking the ring off because it has only been a year but that he had been planning to tell her moments ago.

Everyone feels terrible except for Ben. He still thinks Fitch is a liar.

Fitch then confronts Ben and tells him he’s falling in love with Riley- which he didn’t think would be possible after the death of this wife- but if Ben is truly in love with her too, he will disappear. Ben decides he’d rather be a better friend than to break up Riley’s relationship over feelings he isn’t exactly sure about.

After Bonnie throws Riley’s phone in a glass of water to stop her from hearing Danny’s message, the gang leaves. Riley and Fitch finally have their moment alone together and leave the restaurant to go back to Riley’s apartment to finish off their night. But Riley never makes it there…

She’s heard Danny’s message and goes to see him. The two share a tender moment where Riley tells him that they have a special relationship where they can tell each other anything. Danny agrees and just as it seems he is about to confess his feelings for her, his girlfriend walks out is room wearing only his shirt. Riley leaves, and just she is outside the door, with tears in her eyes she deletes his message.

Danny has no idea she’s heard his message.

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