Hell’s Kitchen Recap 6/6/13 — “7 Chefs Compete, Part II”

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Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, we left off with the chefs competing for immunity by creating a signature dish. Chef Ramsay had yet to decide whether Cyndi’s “beautifully” cooked halibut is enough to beat Jon’s mahi mahi.  We have the complete recap here!!

And…it’s not. Chef Ramsay announces Jon’s victory, and reminds the seven remaining chefs that they have a one in seven chance of winning. Math is hard!

Back in the dorms, Zach is raving over his dish, telling everyone that he plans to sell it in his restaurant. Of COURSE people will pay $65 for three dime-sized pieces of filet hidden under a pair of bland jumbo prawn.  Mary rightly compares Zach’s bragging to trying to pass off a Pinto as a Porsche.

The chefs head down to the main kitchen to prep for tonight’s dinner service. The Red Team is confident that they’ll win. Anthony is panicking because of his poor performance earlier in the day, and Zach is sulking because he feels his dish was judged unfairly. He goes upstairs to be alone with his misplaced pride, leaving all the work to his teammates. Jon’s goal is not to lose anyone on the Blue Team. Yeah, while sharing the kitchen with the two worst chefs in the competition? Good luck.

Meanwhile, a white smoke arises in the kitchen. Is it a genie, appearing to grant the chefs black jackets? Has a new Pope of Hell’s Kitchen been elected? Nope, it’s just Jon accidentally setting his station on fire.

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