Hell’s Kitchen Recap 6/27/13 — “5 Chefs Compete, Part 2 of 3”

By on June 28, 2013
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Hell's Kitchen

Last week, no one was sent home on Hell’s Kitchen and Chef Ramsay introduced a mysterious group of chef challengers with unusual blurry faces.

This week, Chef Ramsay reveals past Hell’s Kitchen winners: Season 3 winner Rock, Season 4 winner Christina, Season 6 winner Dave, Season 8 winner Nona, and Season 9 winner Paul (I was hoping for a more exciting and more desperate group, like the Backstreet Boys or the Fox News team). Chef Ramsay tells each team that they’ll each be responsible for creating an appetizer and entree for dinner service. They have one hour to plan their menu.

In the contestants’ room, Susan wants to make sliders, as if they’re planning an Applebee’s tailgate menu. Mary, who is oddly becoming the voice of reason, suggests beef tartare and the others agree. In the winners suite, the self-proclaimed “Dream Team” can’t decide on what protein to serve because their egos and preferences clash. They finally agree on duck and veal as an appetizer.

And so do the contestants–Mary suggests duck confit. Susan thinks it’ll take too long to prepare, but she gets shut down a second time when everyone agrees on the plan. Sorry, Sue, but when you’re the weakest chef you tend to get outvoted. Also, no one likes your face.

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