The Killing Recap 6/30/13 “Eminent Domain”

By on June 30, 2013
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the killing 3

“Trust not too much to appearances.” – Virgil

Really, Virgil? I’m not sure about that, friend. Look at this Joe Mills character – he MUST be guilty!!! I’m talking about the boyfriend of Danette. Also, have you seen Ray Seward? Plus, I’m really sorry to do this but look at Bullet. She’s up to no good. I KID, I KID…we still know very little about Joe Mills, Ray Seward, and Bullet and they all could certainly be innocent. However look at Danette…the sexy yet worst mom ever. She did it. :/

Here we go! Episode 6 called “Eminent Domain”.

Danette enters Po-Po HQ all wet and sexy (:/) looking for information about her daughter. She is slurring her speech which upsets one of the officers. She starts breaking shit and gets hauled off. BOOM. Opening credits. I like it already.

Holden and Linden are speaking with the latest victim (yeah, she survived) in the hospital. The young girl says that the killer “just wanted to talk” and that he would save her. Just wanted to talk, huh? The girl, Angie, begins to break down and Holder comforts her. Linden whips out police photos and asks if she recognizes anybody which Angie doesn’t. Linden keeps on pressuring her and the girl says that she knows the guy’s eyes. The cops are asked to leave and Angie reveals a gruesome detail of her attack and questions Holder if it will matter if someone wants to marry her. Sad. “What the F, Linden?”, Holder says. Well, not exactly that but he is upset with Linden for pressuring the girl. They talk about whether Joe Mills is a legitimate suspect and ponder if they are chasing the wrong guy based on Skinner’s calls. Reddick appears and makes sexual innuendos about Linden and the suspect Mills. Holder laughs while Linden approaches. Did she hear? Linden grabs a suspect from a wheelchair-pound patient and splits. Danette speaks with Linden and says that Joe Mills is crazy and that he had Kallie’s phone. Linden questions why she didn’t receive this information and says that Danette had lied before. She won’t be charged, Linden says, but asks where JM will go next. Danette delivers a short soliloquy about being alone while puffing on a heater.

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