Master Chef 6/26/13 Top 13 Compete – Top 12 Compete

By on June 26, 2013

masterchef 2

Do you have a taste for gourmet food and petty humiliations? Well, you’re lucky because it’s MasterChef time! Last week Bimi and Howard were eliminated and Krissi learned new ways to hate Jessie. We learned Prissy Douche Chef, aka Joe Bastianich is pretty much as his mother raised him as she dropped by the show.

We start with a mystery box challenge and it’s…a pig’s head. That’ll do, pig. They get a break because it’s just to scare them. The heads have already been broken down for them in a tray at their stations. Just as well. Watching 13 pig heads being sliced and diced by amateurs might have killed this show. They’ve got 90 minutes to make something great. Pity the vegetarian Bri. Of course Gordon comes by to tease her by uncovering the head she deliberately tried to obscure. But surprisingly she’s got a plan. Graham and Joe are also impressed with Lynn who has always been found wanting. Jonny too seems to be on track. In fact everyone seems to have kicked it up a notch. Lynn gets the call for his Braised Tongue & Cheek (no I’m not kidding) with a parsnip puree and Gordon loves it. So do Graham and Joe. Jessie gets called up with her Braised Cheek & Ear with black-eyed peas and roasted corn. Another winner. Jonny is the last with his braised tongue & cheek (seriously, it’s a dish) tacos with spicy tomato jam. Again three thumbs (tongues?) up!

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