Photo: Justin Bieber Posts Photos of Fans Bra on Instagram

By on June 9, 2013
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A fan threw a bra on stage during one of Justin Bieber’s concert that he decided to share with his millions of twitter followers.

Justin Bieber 2

His caption for the lingerie photo? “I guess everyone grows up.”

Bieber, who was a young 14-year-old when he started, has done a lot of growing up since he came onto the scene in 2009. In the past few months, we have witness the teen idol growing up in front of our eyes and making some very bad decisions – including smoking pot, speeding through the streets of California and much more.

Bieber is trying to prove a point by posting the photo. Just as he is growing up – so are his fans.

What do you think of Justin posting the photo of the bra?

Check out the photo on page 2.

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