‘The Winner Is’ Recap 06/10/13 Ep. 1

By on June 11, 2013
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Sing six songs, win a million bucks. Sounds simple, but don’t be fooled… there is always a twist when it comes to TV. Basically, if you always wished you could combine “The Voice” and “Deal or No Deal,” well, dear dreamer, the producers of both have brought you this new show.

You don’t just need chords and charisma to win, but courage and confidence. With high performance quality and the fun of an old school game show, NBC’s “The Winner Is” brings together the best of reality genres.

As a host, Nick Lachey is charming, and his background in both reality TV and singing make him an excellent guide for contestants and audience members. And getting back to that twist: the winner must believe so strongly that their performance is better than their opponents that they resist the cash buy out and continue playing.

Here’s how it’s played. There are 3 rounds per episode, 6 contestants. In the first round there are 3 duels. After each duel, a panel of 101 judges each cast a vote to keep one of the troubadour on stage. The number of votes for each side are revealed, but the identity of which contestant received which group of votes is withheld. The aspiring singers are offered $10,000 to bow out, if they think they lost. In round two, the cash goes up to 25 grand, round three to 50 grand. The winner of the episode goes on to the season finale, with the chance to win 1,000,000.

Tonight, the show premieres. Nick Lachey wears a leather jacket with no collar, and looks sweet and adorable. It’s hard to imagine he will be able to pressure contestants into taking the money à la Howie Mandel.

The jury sits in a ‘W,’ I’m going to take a wild guess and say it stands for ‘winner.’ There are 101 of them, possibly as an honor to 101 dalmations, but more likely to offset any chance of a tie vote. The jurors are not picked at random based on the DMV’s records, but rather consist of carefully chosen djs, music teachers, bloggers, and youtube sensations.

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