Video: AGT 2013 Marty Brown Performs “Make You Feel My Love”

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agt marty brown

Marty Brown auditioned for America’s Got Talent 2013 season premiere in San Antonio.  The 47- year-old carpenter from Maceo, Kentucky, “Make You Feel My Love”!!

Marty was tricked into coming to the auditions by his wife, Shirley, who is his biggest fan, although he gained may more fans tonight!!

Judges Comments: Heidi: That was beautiful. Heidi brings out Marty’s wife, who tells everyone how great he is and how she tricked him into coming. Howard: You are a great undiscovered treasure. The only question I have is where have you been. Mel B: We were hanging on your every word. Howie: You taught me, don’t judge a book by its cover.
Votes: Unanimous – all 4 vote yes.

Watch Marty’s touching performance on page 2 and let us know if you cried!!

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