Baby Daddy Recap 7/17/2013 Season Two “Never Ben in Love”

By on July 17, 2013
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Oh, love. What a wonderful and strange thing it can be.

On tonight’s episode of Baby Daddy, the “Baby-lady” a.k.a Megan makes another appearance as Ben’s love interest. I guess we’re supposed to forget about him hitting on the new hot mommy in building last week, because Ben is totally in it for the new/old girl. His normally smooth moves are coming off rather jagged and awkward. We’re talking teeth clanking, hair pulling awkward. In other words, Casanova has yet to close the deal- which is such a shame because this girl is like a cat in heat.

And just where has Riley’s beau been all this time? Back in Africa where she wishes he would stay because as wonderful as he is, he’s as equally annoying and pretentious – or so Riley says. Riley wants to end things with Fitch but before she gets a chance to; she gets news that he’s dead.

Fitch’s death may seem tragic but it isn’t in vain. Tucker is inspired to write his “Tucket List” (same as a bucket list but we know Tucker has a way of making everything all about him!) It also helps the boys figure out just what is going on with bumbling Ben. He’s got little hearts for eyes when it comes to Megan, guys… hold on to your Cheetos because Ben is in love, and life we learn thanks to Fitch is just too short not to live it.

While Riley’s had to deal with the guilt of wanting to dump her deceased boyfriend, an even more awkward situation comes when Fitch’s estranged father wants her to tell him all about his son. At first she’s apprehensive, which she should be seeing as though she barely knew the guy, but when she learns how highly Fitch spoke her she has to go along. Apparently she’s the reason Fitch reached out to make amends with his dad and confide in him his plans to marry Riley.

Riley now has to fake her feelings for Fitch, which she fails at miserably because even Danny can see through her ruse. He all but calls her a liar but when Riley expresses her desire to actually try and put forth some real feeling in her eulogy, Danny finds that they’ve both been lying. After finding several “Riley you’re the only one who understands me” and “Riley I love you” messages on Fitch’s laptop, he comes across one where Fitch is breaking up with her! Via video chat!

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  1. Martha

    July 18, 2013 at 10:34 am

    I waiting for Riley and Danny to actually have a chance….

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