Dance Moms Recap 7/2/13- Season 4- Dance Moms Chatter, Part 1

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Dance Mom

The past few weeks on season four of “Dance Moms,” we have rarely seen our favorite mothers or Abby Lee Miller for that matter. Abby is off in California filming “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” as well as scouting new locations. That leaves us with Cathy and her rotten Candy Apples. Cathy has been spending time competing as well as trying to recruit new A-list dancers for her team. She has officially hired Anthony as her choreographer and the parents have a huge problem with him. They do not like the way that he treats their children, especially Jalen’s father, Rick.

Yet, none of the Candy Apple parents really hold your interest and I never thought that I would actually miss Abby.¬†Maddie is also out in California, performing on AUDC so that should be exciting because apparently, she was the only one who wanted the opportunity. I think that is all a lie. If you missed any of last week’s episode, we have that recap right here.

This week, Christi, Kelly and Black Patsy get together to gab about the show. Let’s see the fireworks that go down with this one!

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