Dance Moms Recap 7/9/13- Dance Moms Chatter Part 2

By on July 9, 2013

Dance Moms 2


We have not seen that much of Abby Lee Miller, our favorite moms and of course, the dancing girls! On this season of “Dance Moms,” we have mostly dealt with Cathy and her Candy Apple brigade. Abby is off filming “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” so we just see her briefly.  Meanwhile, Cathy is in the process of Candy Apple domination while Abby may get a studio in LA. Last week, moms Christi and Kelly, joined by “Black Patsy” got together to spill the gossip. They were joined by comedian Lisa Arch and celebrity blogger Nadine Rajabi and nothing was held back. If  you missed the chatter, we have your recap right here. So, what is next on the show?

Tonight, we meet up with the moms again for even more chatter. Who cries? Whom are they the most scared of and who is a better dance teacher/studio owner: Cathy or Abby?

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