Hell’s Kitchen Recap 7/18/13 – “4 Chefs Compete”

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Hells Kitchen 2

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen: Susan got sent off into the land of designer chef jumpsuits, and Chef Ramsay announced that the next kitchen service would come with high stakes–the final two chefs in competition to run his Las Vegas restaurant.

In the dorms after elimination, the other chefs congratulate Mary for a “good fight.” As I keep reiterating: I think everyone’s avoiding Mary’s dangerous The-Shining-meets-Top-Chef side. Mary understands that she did a bad job that night, but keeps droning on about how she’s not the weakest chef. Cyndi disagrees, and is positioning herself to be the first to die if this show becomes a horror movie.

Back in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay presents the remaining four chefs with the next challenge. He’s talking about how chefs have the ability to put dishes together using many components. Cyndi and Ja’nel are put on a team against Jon and Mary to put together a mysterious kitchen puzzle. Meanwhile, Chef Ramsay is giving major hints. I wish he were throwing cleavers at he board instead. Mary and Jon put their puzzle together first, which appears to be a photo of a pot roast. (How English.) But they’ve won….nothing.

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