Kris Jenner’s Talk Show Review – Doesn’t Reveal Kim’s Baby North West

By on July 15, 2013

Kris Jenner’s long awaited talk show made its debut this morning with her first co-host of the season, former All My Children star, Cameron Mathison.

Kris began the show by announcing that her daughter, Kim Kardashian, had her baby. She then revealed the details about the birth and how Kim had to have an emergency delivery. There had been an elaborate plan to trick the paparazzi so they wouldn’t follow Kim to the hospital that they were still able to pull off. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see baby, North West, which would have helped to add some life to the show.


Kris set the record straight about some of the rumors we have all heard:

Did Kris ban Kim from leaving her house until the baby’s photos were sold? Kris did not ban Kim from leaving her house.

Is Kim and Kanye getting married in Egypt? No. Definitely not.

Kris’ first guest was Rocco DiSpirito, who cooked spaghetti and clams, followed by a ‘romantic’ meal with what Kris referred to as a ‘Kris Sandwich.’ Cameron on one side and Rocco on the other side, while being serenaded by Il Vovo (who Kris assumed we knew – and didn’t mention their name except to promote a CD of theirs.)

Next up was belly dancing with Mayte, also a Kardashian friend, with the highlight being Cameron without his shirt.

And finally, a segment on underwear. What are the biggest underwear problems? People by the wrong size.

Overall, I found the show to be a bit boring. No amazing celebrity guests.

Counting the number of times Kim Kardashian’s name was mentioned in the hour show – at least 10 times. Nothing like riding on the tails of her very famous daughter.

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