MasterChef 7/17/13 Top 9 Compete

By on July 17, 2013
masterchef 3

masterchef 3

Only one hour of MasterChef tonight. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed. I was getting kinda used to doubling down every week.  Last week we saw Lynn sweat for the last time and said goodbye to Savannah bringing us down to 9. It’ll be 8 soon, so let’s get to it.

It’s a Mystery Box Challenge and you have to make your own sausage from near everything that has ever walked, flown or crawled. Buffalo, alligator, wild boar…etc, it’s all there.  But don’t feel bad for Bri, they have some tofu crap for her too and Joe is surprisingly supportive of her. Lucca’s sausage explodes and given how many times he’s been at the bottom you gotta figure his time is running out. Natasha does Chicken Sausage (with a little mozzarella cheese inside) with Fried Egg and Potato Hash and this is making me more hungry than usual because I love breakfast for dinner.  Gordon, Graham and Joe all approve. Of course meat-man Eddie gets the call for his Pork Sausage with Purple Cabbage and Apple Chutney. Gordon and Graham love it, though oddly we aren’t shown Joe eating it.  Krissi is the last chosen with Italian Sausage with Peppers and Polenta and honestly that’s a little boring to me, especially coming after Eddie.  Joe likes it as does Gordon, but now we aren’t shown Graham tasting it. Is this the price we pay for only an hour?  Eddie wins and justifiably so. It’s his second Mystery Box win. Now he gets to mess with the Pressure Challenge, which is a choice between making the group prepare a dish of ham, shrimp or mushrooms.  He wisely chooses mushrooms and to make matters worse he gets to make half the group cook with canned mushrooms.  You have to think the Chef Boyardee company is freaking out because their product is being trashed by everyone on national TV.  It seems a mistake to give Jordan and James fresh mushrooms but he’s banking on them overdoing and the judges agree that this strategy is sound.  Bethy trips herself up by forgetting sugar and we’re treated to her wandering around asking for it. Why would you give to her if you did? It’s a competition! But strangely Jordan does, because he wants to beat you, not have you fail.  Lucca knows everyone thinks he’s going home, but is sure his mushroom soup with canned mushrooms will prevail.  Hang onto that dream, dude.

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