“Avatar” James Cameron Announces THREE “Avatar” Sequels

By on August 1, 2013

avatar 1

James Cameron announced that “Avatar”, the highest grossing film at the domestic and worldwide box office, will have THREE sequels, rather than the two previously planned.

Cameron has hired screenwriters Josh Friedman (“War of the Worlds”), Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver (“Rise of the Planets of the Apes”), and Shane Salerno (“Savages,” “Salinger”) to collaborate with him on the screenplays for “Avatar 2,” “Avatar 3″ and “Avatar 4.”

The first movie is slated for a December 2016 release, with Avatar 3 due out December 2017 and Avatar 4 in December 2018.

Production on all three movies will begin in 2014, with filming on the sequels happening simultaneously.

The first Avatar was the highest-grossing film ever, with $760 million at the domestic box office and $2.78 billion in worldwide receipts.

Are you excited about the “Avatar” news?


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