Baby Daddy Recap 8/14/13 Season Two “The Christening”

By on August 15, 2013
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Baby Daddy 3

On tonight’s episode of “Baby Daddy,” it’s time for Emma’s Christening and the whole family is gathering together – the WHOLE family.

Ray is back in town and for Ben, he’s got some splainin’ to do!

As the money stuffed envelopes start pouring in from absent family members for Emma, Ben learns that when the Wheeler boys were born, each were given a big fat check from their aunt Betty.
Ben wants to know where is big fat check is and learns that Bonnie and Ray spent his savings on a vacation and mopeds.

Feeling cheated, he makes his parents promise to patch things up with dear old Aunt Betty so Emma can get the gift of cash he never got to enjoy.

While this sounds easy enough, Aunt Betty doesn’t know that Ray and Bonnie are divorced, nor does she know that Ray has recently come out of the closet. To make matter worse, she wouldn’t approve of Ben having his child out of wedlock- so what began as a simple apology has turned into need of a big fat lie.

Ray makes good on his promise to Ben and patches things up with Aunt Betty by making her believe the Wheeler family is a happy as happy can be and that the reason Ben is raising his daughter alone is because his wife died during childbirth.

The ruse seems to work as Aunt Betty shows, and though she sees something is off about the Wheelers, she chalks it up to their eccentricities, and is prepared to cut Emma a big fat check at for the Christening.

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