Big Brother 2013 Recap 8/8/13 Double Eviction – Who Was Evicted??

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Big Brother 2013 LIVE Double Eviction tonight!! A weeks worth of Big Brother in one night, the biggest night of the summer!!  The two houseguests that walk out tonight will remain in part of the game, because they will become jury members.

Candice, Spencer and Amanda are on the block, and Candice appears to be the target tonight!!

Check out the full recap from last night’s BB HERE!!

Head over to page 2 to see what happens tonight and find out which two houseguests  were evicted from the BB house!!

Find out who is the HoH for week 7 here!

2 Responses to Big Brother 2013 Recap 8/8/13 Double Eviction – Who Was Evicted??

  1. Erin says:

    Last night was the first episode I actually thought was good. After hearing all the things Spencer has said it makes me sick they all want to keep him so bad.

  2. Dorothy says:

    The show will lose millions of followers because every person left on the show have proven to be outright prejudice. It’ s a shame the producer would allow this!!! It’s not entertainmenting it’s SICK!!!People find entertainment in another persons grief. God made everyone to be equal there’s no big I or little U. I’m really surprised at Julie she’s a minority. Maybe she has forgotten .

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