Camie Bradley AGT 2013 Semi-Finals Round 1 Video Performance

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America’s Got Talent 2013 Semi-Finals kicked off tonight with some amazing talent, including a stunning performance of  Elvis Presley’s “Only Fools Rush In,”  by Cami Bradley.

America’s Got Talent Recap – 8/27/13 – Season 8, Episode 20 – Semi-final Rounds

Contestant: Camie Bradley
Talent: Singer
Performance Notes: I could honestly listen to Camie all day – her voice is amazing and she has a knack for picking the best song to suit her voice, and then making just the right changes to make it even better.
The Results: Mel said that she loves Camie’s voice but she felt the performance was lacking a bit because it was so similar to the performance she did last week. Heidi, however, said that she felt that it takes courage for someone to take such a well-known song (an Elvis song) and re-work it to suit your own style. Howard said “we can’t help falling in love with YOU,” while Howie said that he “definitely disagreed” with Mel and that he agrees with Howard 100%.

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