Dance Moms Recap 8/27/13 – Diva Las Vegas

By on August 27, 2013
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After a clean sweep at last week’s competition, where the ALDC placed first in all categories and triumphed over the Candy Apples, one would guess everyone would be in good spirits this week, but this is Dance Moms we’re talking about. There’d be no show without plenty of drama, tears, yelling, and cat fights.

Tune in at 9PM EST tonight to continue watching Kelly face off with Abby to keep Brooke and Paige on the ALDC team. Check back with us later this evening too for our recap of everything that goes down in the episode!

At pyramid, Abby finally revealed the reason for her recent absences at the recent competitions. She said she did not want to be in a position to react badly to Cathy’s badgering anymore. The pyramid was as follows…

Bottom row: Paige, Brooke, Nia, Kendall
Second row: Mackenzie, Asia, Maddie
Top row: Chloe

This week, they attended Powerhouse Dance Competition in Las Vegas. Abby gave solos to Asia, Kendall, Brooke, and Paige. She said Asia was a shoe-in for Nationals but that Kendall’s solo would be her audition for Nationals. Abby wanted to make Paige and Brooke work extra hard as she mentioned in the previous episode, but she refused to choreograph routines for them. She hired Ricky Palomino to choreograph their routines. Abby forced Mackenzie to sit out this week due to too many sloppy mistakes, and she also decided not to put Asia in the group number. The group number was a musical-theater style, paying homage to the Rat Pack.

While at rehearsal, Kelly got a call that there were some television and radio opportunities for Brooke this week, but she would have to miss rehearsal to pursue them. She decided to go through with it anyway. On the way to Brooke’s television interview, she was visibly incredibly nervous. She ends up having a good time on the show, promoting her new album, though.

Paige was getting more uneasy by the day under the pressure she felt from Abby, but she insisted she wanted to stay at the studio because she wants to be with her friends. Abby decided to have each girl in the group dance perform the choreography solo in rehearsal to get critiqued on what they were doing wrong. When it was time for Paige’s turn, she had some kind of panic attack, started crying, and said, “I can’t breathe.” Kelly took her outside and kept saying they should leave the studio because it makes Paige unhappy, but Paige said that the only thing she doesn’t like is Abby.

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