Sister Wives Recap 8/4/13

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Last week on “Sister Wives,” we saw the toll that living in separate homes took on each of the wives, Kody and the family. Janelle has become super focused on losing weight and starting a lucrative real estate career. Meri and Robyn are focused on “My Sisterwife’s Closet” which does not appeal all that much to the other two wives. Finally, Janelle agrees to help design a plus sized clothing line for the brand after struggling to find work-out clothing. Meri is getting concerned as to what life will be like when their homes are all next to each other and privacy invasions. Remember, they have not lived in a home together for two yeas since leaving Utah; Robyn never actually lived with the Browns as a family unit so this will be a challenge. If you missed it, we have your recap right here.

Tonight, the family preps to look at colleges for the older girls. One wants to stay completely within her faith while the other, not so much.

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