“Survivor: Blood vs. Water” 2013 Full Cast

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The 27th season of  Survivor has finished filming in the Philippines and we have all of the cast info .  “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” will feature returning survivors from past seasons playing against their relatives and loved ones.

The fall edition of SURVIVOR, themed “Blood vs. Water,” will feature former players competing with – and ultimately against – their loved ones who share the same goal: to outwit, outplay, outlast and ultimately be crowned Sole Survivor. Will the returnees use their prior experience in the game to help their partners or will they leave their relatives alone to fend for themselves? Alliances and relationships will be tested and bonds will be broken when mothers, daughters, brothers, spouses and partners vie against each other in the ultimate competition, raising the question: which is thicker – Blood or Water?

Redemption Island Returns… With a Twist
This edition of SURVIVOR will feature the return of Redemption Island, where castaways who have been eliminated from the game can seek redemption and return for a chance to win the million dollar prize. The twist this season, however, is loved ones will be forced to choose whether to “save” their partner on Redemption Island and switch places with them, thus allowing their loved one to immediately re-enter the game, or leave them in exile to survive on their own.

’Survivor: Blood vs Water’ 2013 castaways for season 27!!

Meet Monica and Brad – Bio and Video

Meet Tyson and Rachel – Bio and Video

Meet Tina and Katie – Bio and Video

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