Video: Catapult Entertainment on America’s Got Talent 2013

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America’s Got Talent semi- final rounds start next week, which means tonight was the   last batch of contestants competing for their spot.  The competition was tough, but Catapult Entertainment’s performance was phenomenal!

*America’s Got Talent recap 8/20/13*

Contestant: Catapult Entertainment
Talent: Dance Troupe – they create shows using only shadows
Performance Notes: It was a really, really cool performance to watch. This is another one that if you didn’t get to see it live, you need to go watch it online immediately!
The Results: Heidi started off by saying that “hands down” this was the best act of the night, while Mel said she “didn’t want it to stop.” Howie said that the producers made a good call putting them last, since there was no way for any other group to be able to follow them and do a good job. Howard said it made him emotional, their story came through crisp and clear, and that they were phenomenal.

America’s Got Talent 2013 Semi-Finalists Complete List Revealed 8/21/13

Check out the must see performance on the next page!!

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