Whodunnit Recap 8/4/13 Season 1 Ep 7

By on August 4, 2013
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In the last episode of Whodunnit? two people were eliminated, Dana and Sasha.  While Giles said no one would be eliminated, Geno was killed by a falling chandelier.  We have the last episode’s recap here.

'whodunnit cast'

Only five people remain –  Kam, Cris, Lindsey, Ronnie and Melina.

Crime Scene – Kam and Ronnie

Kam finds a timer that caused the chandelier to fall.  Meanwhile Ronnie has no idea about the timer because he is in another part of the room.  Ronnie believes Geno died from something else besides the falling chandelier.

Last Known Where Abouts – Lindsey

Lindsay finds a necklace in the bedroom with two key rings and a note pad.   She is able to decipher the note pad.

Steal Giles Cellphone and you will be spared.

Morgue – Cris and Melina

Cris and Melina realize Geno didn’t die from the chandelier.  They find what appears to be a bullet in his stomach.  They see the chandelier fell on his back.  Cris wants Melina to come over to her team.

They find Giles cellphone in Geno’s pocket.  Giles asks him to leave it there.

Lindsey doesn’t want to tell everyone about the note – so she just gives  a few details.

The five remaining contestants get another clue from Giles:

I’m going to blind you so you cannot see

Walls with no sight, so you can be me

If you find them, you can see in the dark

Twist the knob to focus

Then you may embark

Keep reading to see what happens.

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