WWE Raw Recap and Results 8/26/13

By on August 27, 2013
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wwe raw

The Shield is at ringside and Triple H comes in, on WWE Raw. He says what happened at Summerslam was just business. What happened on Raw last week was personal because Bryan himself made it personal. He raves about the ratings last week and brings out the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. He gives him a Cadillac Escalade and as Orton’s about to check it out, Daniel Bryan comes in. He thanks the fans, John Cena and then Triple H – for showing his “true colors” at Summerslam. Bryan says Triple H has the same biases Vince McMahon has when it comes to the build of their big stars. Triple H starts singing a nursery rhyme which is hilarious until he gets serious. He puts Bryan in a Gauntlet match against The Shield.

Stipulations are being advertised for the CM Punk/Curtis Axel match and it’s too obvious what it’s going to be.

Cody Rhodes vs. Fandango

It’s a short match. They go back and forth until Fandango’s music hits and The Miz comes out dancing with Rosa Mendes. Fandango’s distracted and gets rolled up for the 3-count.

Cody Rhodes defeats Fandango by pinfall

Fandango attacks Cody but he gets locked in a Cross Rhodes before Damien Sandow breaks it up. The GM comes out and it smells like a tag match… And it IS a tag match. I didn’t see that coming…

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