The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 9/10/13 S18/Bill Dedman

By on September 11, 2013


Jon Stewart once tackles Syria on tonight’s new Daily Show, as well as a lighter, comedic story about some odd pirates, and an interview with author Bill Dedman on his new book “Empty Mansions.”

Jon Stewart kicked off another Daily Show with a segment on Syria, an unavoidable topic for them. He started by pretending to vaguely cover President Obama’s national speech given tonight, which happened in between the filming and the airing of the episode. Stewart mentioned how Obama turned yesterday into a press tour, giving interviews on six different networks. He highlighted an interview with Wolf Blitzer, and CNN’s continued, misguided attempts to dramatize the news. Blitzer asked the President to look into the camera and speak directly to Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad. Obama didn’t, saying he figured Assad had people who be watching it anyways. “I cannot believe Assad uses CNN on his own people!” quipped Stewart.

Stewart then shifted to the already-famous beneficial blunder committed by Secretary of State John Kerry during a press conference the other day. Kerry was giving the conference in full support of a planned attack on Syria. But when he was asked if he thought a bombing was avoidable, Kerry said that the only way it was would be if Assad surrendered all of the country’s chemical weapons unconditionally. Assad then did exactly that, handing over possession of all its chemical weapons to its ally, Russia. The White House had even taken measures to announce that this was a “rhetorical argument” but Assad put it into play. Cable news stations, of course, were upset. Even the newscasters that didn’t support the war said America had gotten “humiliated” and “played,” even though this was beneficial to every player in the conflict.

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