The Daily Show With Jon Stewart 9/9/13 with Sheri Fink

By on September 10, 2013
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Jon Stewart

The Daily Show once again turns to the subjects of Syria and the NYC mayoral race, though they find different angles in each, and Jon interviews the author of a new book about life in a post-Katrina hospital.

In Jon Stewart’s first week back, the Daily Show struggled to find a comedic edge on the Syria issue. Now that a week has passed, they have a whole well of clips and statements to satirize. And they came from the most primary source the Daily Show has: cable news. First, Jon showed a clip of anti-war newscasters, in the form of a FOX News morning show. The clip, which has gone somewhat viral, shows a bombing in Syria and an exclamation of someone shouting to Allah, probably out of fear. The FOX correspondent said he didn’t like the yell to Allah before Senator John McCain, the hawkish and often politically incorrect senator, told him off and said it’s the exact equivalent to an American yelling “Oh my god!”

The second clip, even dumber, showed a woman on a liberal cable news show who was pro-war. She stated that bombing innocent Syrians does not matter because they are probably going to be bombed anyways. The third clip, which ironically never takes a stance, is part of a speech from minority leader Nancy Pelosi. She says her five year-old grandson asked her what stance she takes. She doesn’t appear to tell him, but does inform him – remember, he’s five – that hundreds of children had been killed. Stewart had a field day with this, pretending to perform bits from an album of things designed to upset your children.

The first segment switched gears here, to an interview that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad did with Charlie Rose. Rose asked him provocative questions, and Assad’s responses incited both praise and criticism from Stewart. Assad cited polls to tell Rose that a majority of Americans do not support a war in Syria. This upset Stewart, who said that Assad, a ruthless dictator, cited facts more accurately than the cable newscasters. The segment ended with Stewart interviewing Aasif Mandvi, “live in Damascus,” who instigated that Assad was faking a lisp in the interview to make people sympathize with him. They did not, however, have any proof of this and may have been scrambling for ways to make fun of him.

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