Dance Moms Recap 9/10/13 — The Big, Not So Easy

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It’s been a whirlwind of a season on Dance Moms. With several new additions and replacements as a result of Kelly and her kids’ off-and-on status on the ALDC team, it’s been a shaky year for Abby and the ALDC. Watch tonight to find out which girls will be performing at Nationals and how they will do.

Will Chloe get to perform solo to defend her win from last year? Will Mackenzie or Asia get to compete? Tune in tonight at 8PM to find out. Keep reading below for our recap of all the dramatic details!

This week, the team traveled to New Orleans for the Nationals Masters of Dance Competition. The pyramid was revealed as follows…

Bottom row: Paige, Nia, Brooke, Kendall, Payton
Middle row: Chloe, Asia, Mackenzie
Top row: Maddie

Abby had negative things to say about every dancer except Maddie, whom she said could have just performed her duet with Kendall as a solo and still would have won.

For Nationals, the team would be performing a Hurricane Katrina-themed, contemporary group routine called “Home Again.” In true Abby fashion, she decided to have sets of all the girls learn the same solos and compete with each other for the chance to perform it in competition. The matchups were Brooke and Payton, Chloe and Kendall, Mackenzie and Asia, and Nia, Paige, and Maddie. Christi seemed confident that Chloe could beat Kendall, and Holly was sad that Nia was given no chance since she was put up against Maddie.

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