Devious Maids Recap 9/15/2013 Totally Clean Part 1 – Season One, Episode Twelve

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Another week, another one of Michael Stappord’s wives lies (mortally?) wounded in his arms. I truly hope this isn’t the last we see of Taylor, because if Olivia survived hanging herself, shouldn’t Taylor survive a gunshot wound? Devious Maids is a soap opera after all…

Anyway, even though Carmen and Zoila still have no idea who Marisol really is, and we haven’t gotten all too much traction on the “Who Killed Flora?” plot, this was one of Devious Maid’s most suspenseful and entertaining hours yet. I’m also thinking that because Lifetime ordered another season of the show, it is taking its time with getting all the maids to know about Marisol’s plan and with who really killed Flora. All the better to stretch out the concept into season two. On to the recap…

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