Under the Dome 9/16/13 – Curtains

By on September 17, 2013


In the early ’90s I played, along with most of my generation, a now legendary computer game called “Myst”. A fully realized and unprecedentedly immersive (if a bit diminutive by today’s standards) fictional island — or¬†paracosm, if you willwas the playground, and solving the mystery of the island’s past through a series of increasingly difficult puzzles was the game.

I found myself thinking more than once of “Myst” over the course of tonight’s episode of Under the Dome, titled “Curtains” (more on that title later).¬†Specifically, I found myself thinking of a sunken ship that, at the beginning of the game, was inaccessible due to its being submerged in water. Later in the game I came upon a small fountain — more of a birdbath, really — in which a tiny replica of the ship was likewise submerged. After pulling the proper levers in the proper order (or some such action) I watched as the tiny ship began to rise out of the water, unsinking itself before my very eyes. My first instinct, quite naturally, was to run straight back to the life-size ship and see if it, too, had risen. It had. It remains to this day one of the most thrilling moments of my gaming career.

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