Kate Middleton Describes Prince George’s Natural Birth as “Perfect” to Friends

By on September 7, 2013


If ever there were someone’s pregnancy to be envious of, it’d be Kate Middleton‘s. The royal, first-time mother just gave birth to her son; Prince George a little over a month ago- and already she looks just as she did prior to giving birth.

Scratch that, the Princess of Cambridge looks better, if that’s even possible! She’s exuding what every mother refers to as the “glow”, and even drew a few celeb admirers throughout her maternity stage. Namely, Jessica Simpson.

Aside from the morning sickness that led to a hospital stay back in December however, everything else from the 31-year-old’s physique, to her wardrobe, to her hair, up until the birth, was flawless. According to a source close to Vanity Fair‘s longtime royal reporter; Katie Nicholl, “Kate spoke to some of her best girlfriends after the birth and described the birth as perfect.”

Considering Prince William’s wife has never given birth before, that’s a pretty big statement to make. The source also added that the Princess said, “it (the delivery) was straightforward and there were no complications. She wanted a natural birth and she was so happy she was able to have one.”

On July 23, 2013, the royal parents and their new heir emerged from the Lindo Wing at London’s, St. Mary’s Hospital- giving the world their first peek at Britain’s future King. On Aug. 30, Kate stepped out for her first post-baby event in Anglesey, Wales, looking…you guessed it, radiant.

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