Sister Wives Recap 9/22/13- Season Finale – The Browns Tell All

By on September 22, 2013
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It is hard to believe that the Brown family is ending another season on “Sister Wives.” We have seen them get new homes (recap here), try to figure out how to share Kody (recap here) and get two more kids ready for college.

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Last week, the Browns did a panel at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where son Logan is a student. They were with ex-polygamists who were trying to convince everyone that this was a messed up lifestyle. Their stories were nothing like the Browns, who feel that they have freedom and the ability to leave if they are not happy. It was especially hard for Christine whose aunt was there as opposing council. So, how will this season end?

On the two-hour season finale, the family comes together for one episode then they switch to a tell-all episode. No questions are off-limits and they will be asked such things like “are the wives really friends?”

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