Video: Kristef Brothers Top 12 – America’s Got Talent 8

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agt kristef brothers

The top 12 acts on America’s Got Talent performed live tonight, including an amazing performance by the  Kristef Brothers.

Contestant: The Kristef Brothers
Talent: Strength
Performance Notes: I’m in awe. These guys are so talented, and hilarious.
The Results: A standing ovation from the audience and all four judges. Heidi began things saying she loved them and would like to just keep standing and clapping. She did note that they have a little misstep at the end but she doesnt care because it was amazing. Mel said she wants to buy a ticket to go see their show. Howie said he loves everything they do and said it was “like a Richard Simmons tape on steroids.” Howard wrapped it up saying that they took their routine and turned it into an SNL sketch which was incredible.

The must see video is on page 2!!

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