Video: Preston Pohl “Electric Feel” on The Voice 9/30/13

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The Voice started round three of the blind auditions tonight with an outstanding performance by Preston Pohl, singing ”Electric Feel”!!

Preston Pohl is from Texas and he has no problem being on anyone’s team. He was in a Christian rock band and they did really well but sadly, his mentor in the band passed away. He took some time off and now he is going solo, never having a day job in his life. He performs “Electric Feel” and the guys are really feeling it for sure because they love this song.

Adam wants him on his team so badly while Cee Lo has to impress him and Blake screws himself by saying the wrong things. Who will he go for even though Cee Lo is perfect for him? He is now TEAM ADAM.

Who made Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton push their buttons?  We have the full recap of tonight’s blind auditions HERE!

Watch Preston perform on the next page!!

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