X Factor Ashley Williams ‘I Will Always Love You’ Video

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Wow!! Ashley Williams was amazing on Thursday’s “X Factor” with her powerful and moving rendition of “I Will Always Love You.”

The X Factor Recap 9/19/13 – Season 3 Auditions #4

Contestant: Ashley Williams
Song: ”I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston || Ah.Maz.ing. Chills, goosebumps, oh my goodness – she is nailing this song, and it’s one of THE hardest songs to sing. Ever. Kelly looks like she is in complete shock and awe, sitting staring open mouthed, while Paulina is nodding her head with a huge smile on her face. Demi looks like she might cry… oh wait, she REALLY IS CRYING. Tears, streaming down her face, and Simon just looks pleased as punch. And she got to sing the ENTIRE song for the judges and audience, which is just so, so rare.
The Results: Ashley got a standing ovation from the entire audience and all four judges. Kelly thanked her for “spilling her heart out” while Paulina said she was captivated by her talent and dubbed it an “amazing performance.” Demi said she was speechless and had chills all over her arms and legs, with Simon saying that she is the exact reason they brought the show to America. Four overwhelming, resounding yeses send Ashley through to the competition.

Watch the 24-year-old singer bring down the house and get the only standing ovation of the night!!

8 Responses to X Factor Ashley Williams ‘I Will Always Love You’ Video

  1. chechulae says:

    ashley is absolutley awsum l watched whitney many times perform this and loved her but when ashley performed she most certainly nailed it with soul emotion heart beauty wow what a performance, always makes me tear up with pride for you, love you ashley.

  2. Wandy Lishöj says:

    Fantastisk, er snart 70 år men tårene triller hver gang jeg hörer Ashly.

  3. Steve Brewer says:

    I too play this over and over what a performance I hope we hear her on the radio and she has a great career

  4. Benjamin Crawley says:

    I can’t stop playing her video over and over and over, still shocked of the way she nailed the song. You really are special to your mum, wherever she is, I know for sure that she is really pleased with your amazing performance. God Bless You And will always be your fan.

  5. Matti Rantala says:

    Thanks Ashley, what an unbelievable voice, I saw X-Factor here in Finland and since that program I have played Ashley singing over and over now almost three days, never seen and heard anything like her in any competition, if you come sometimes to Helsinki to have a concert I want to be there if only I am alive and I really hope you come. I am sure your song went to everybody’s harts who saw your song, I hope you win X-Factor and I don’t even doubt it, all good to you, I’ll be a fan of yours always, you can be sure.

  6. Cynthia James says:

    I am still in awe…..and tearfully to! She revives every vision locked inside of me! A gem, a jewel…..a jasper stone! I would have been blessed to have given birth to her! Then again, I just adopted her spiritually! Keep the gift clean Ashley! I am proud of you and your mother’s spirit is with you!

  7. William Wadey says:

    There was only one “the Voice”, but what a way Ashley Williams honored her tonight. WOW what a voice. There have been several persons to go on and be stars, but hardly no one to start out by being “one”. I have been watching The Voice”, American Idol, and the X-Factor for several years now, but I can’t remember a person getting a standing ovation by the audience as well as the Judges. One person said she had played Ashley singing over and over, me too. How can we reach her? Does she have a Website yet? Can the X-Factor put out more about her? I am looking forward to hearing her again and again. Thank you Ashley for sharing you gift with us.

  8. lisa says:

    She blew it out the water!! She hands down showed off..

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