Dancing With the Stars Christina Milian Eliminated After Receiving a 10

By on October 15, 2013

Dancing With the Stars had a shocking elimination when Christina Milian was sent home last night, October 14th, after receiving the first 10 of the season for her cha cha with Mark Ballas.


The judges praised the dancer for her performance, but that wasn’t enough. Christina and Mark did not have the fans votes. Christina and Mark were the top scoring team of the evening and they were pitted against Leah and Tony, who were the lowest scoring team of the night. Since it isn’t about one night, it didn’t matter. Christina and Mark’s scores from the entire competition, along with the votes from last week, determined which duo stayed and which dance team was sent home.

Although Christina and Mark scored the highest for the evening and even received the first 10 of the season, they did not receive enough votes last week to keep them in the competition.

The audience was shocked by the eliminationm with a lot of booing, but Christina was completely gracious with her exit. Can we say the same for Mark, who was upset with Julianna Hough’s criticism, when she was the guest judge on Dancing With the Stars, last week?

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