David Beckham and Son Brooklyn Involved in Car Accident- No Injuries Reported

By on October 27, 2013


Former soccer star David Beckham and his eldest son Brooklyn, were involved in a car accident just outside the driveway of the family’s Beverly Hills mansion, according to X17 Online.

The crash reportedly occurred around 2:30pm Friday, Oct. 25, according to nearby witnesses and photographers from X17 who were the first to report the story.

38-year-old Beckham and his 14-year-old son Brooklyn, who was sitting in the passenger seat, were leaving their home when onlookers say the father of 4 struck an oncoming SUV driven by a woman. Police were called to the scene, where no injuries to either party were reported.

In fact the only damage that was done appears to be to both of the vehicles involved. Photos from the scene show officers talking to a casually dressed “Becks” about the incident, as well as taking statements from the driver of the other car including the people she was traveling with.

The entire front bumper of the retired athlete’s black Range Rover Sport was torn off as a result of the collision, and could be seen dragging along the ground. Substantial damage was also done to the Acura SUV, photos show the front right side and hood as the point of impact.

This is the second car accident for Beckham. In 2011 he and his wife Victoria were involved in a multiple car collision in Los Angeles, where neither spouse was harmed.

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